Davidson has two gas plants located in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State; One producing Oxygen at a purity percentage of 99.9% and Nitrogen at a purity of 99.9%. The second plant produces Acetylene at a purity percentage of 99.6%.

Davidson has the capacity to supply its clients with industrial gases.

We supply purity and cylinder test certificates to dealers and end-users on request. Our acetylene gas-filling pres- sure 18 bars minimum and 22 bars max- imum. Oxygen and Nitrogen gas-filling pressure is 150 bars kg/cm2 maximum.


  • Production of Industrial Gases(Oxygen,Nitrogen and Acetylene)
  • Specialized ManPower/Labour Supply services (Licensed by Federal ministry of labour and productivity)
  • Onshore Pipeline/storage facility Maintenance
  • Pressure test and leak detection services
  • Offshore and Onshore fabrication and installation
  • Procurement (Local and Foreign)
  • Electrical and Instrumentation scope associated with all projects
  • Production of Hydrated Lime
  • Outsourcing
  • Drilling support services (Rental of skips and Fishing tool basket)
  • Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Process Facilities.


Davidson Oil and Gas Limited is the first indigenous company in Nigeria to own a lime plant. We produce lime which can be used for numerous application such as;

  • cement manufacturing industry,
  • steel plants,
  • pulp and paper,
  • glass industry,
  • water softeners,
  • paints,
  • soil stabilization,
  • plastics,
  • biodiesel production,
  • chemical industry,
  • petroleum industries(maintaining the alkalinity of oil based drilling fluids).

Our Hydrated lime ca(oH)2 has an average purity percentage of 80%; it is dried to 0.1% and packaged in 25kg sacks.



Fabrication/Structural Work

Our Facilities allow us to carry out a wide range of fabrication projects rang- ing from pipeline production facility maintenance, Tank Fabrication, pipeline fabrication and construction and all Structural fabrication. We also fabricate high quality wave management Skips for hire by the oil and gas industry. Davidson provides specialized services including Laying of oil and gas pipelines. We also carry out Hydro test to check the integrity of our fabricated spools using the relevant ASME standards.

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control

Our instrumentation services include Installation and Calibration of instruments, Instrument Fitting, Pipe Line Leak detection Using Continuous and non-continuous leak detection technique hook up to the HMI, construction and testing of electrical switchboards, marshalling cabinets, control cabinets and industrial process automation .

Davidson provides specialist Offshore and Onshore Electrical, Instrumentation and control support services.

General Maintenance and Commissioning

We specialize in maintaining our clients’ production facilities so that they operate at minimum cost and uphold the highest safety and environment standards in the industry.

Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of oil and gas plant, equipment and components ensure otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated

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